Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2011

To kick off our market review, we are going to begin with the one and only, Vera Wang. Prior to us seeing the collection, we heard from fellow stores, how incredible it was, "her best collection yet," was a frequent comment made, and they were right.

In Vera Wang's words, "The Vera Wang 2011 Spring-Summer Collection celebrates the fragile femininity of 'tea party' and 'garden party' dresses. Frothy gowns of extreme delicacy in the palest Easter egg tints of lavender, blush, rose and silver gray inspire a certain gaiety and youthful spirit. Occasional bodices of beautiful floral embroideries and skirts of hand-painted lace provide a charming counterpoint to the sophisticated architectural pieces. These are romantic artful clothes that appear to float-all lightness and air!"

A lot of these dresses were shown in pale colors, but they most definitely come in ivory or white. Another interesting thing we found, is that Vera Wang did not include ANY crinoline in these dresses (the itchy fabric beneath the gowns).

Please let us know what you think!


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  1. I agree that this was a spectacular collection and certainly one of the best I've ever seen. It was a full realization of the "tea party / garden party" idea mixed with design themes we've seen consistently from Vera Wang in the past few collections... specifically the layered, undulating ruffles, which are my favorite, most Vera-like detail. I do find that these dresses have a delicate sensibility and a "fragile femininity", but they are balanced by architectural structuring appearing in bodices and silhouettes that give them substance and weight. These are modern gowns for a smart, sophisticated girl and the collection fits every mood from a romantic outdoor affair to a chic urban soiree.