Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bridal Market Survival Kit

We will be leaving for New York City for bridal market in less than 2 weeks, therefore we are getting all of things together!  We only have 4 days in the City to accomplish so very many things. In order to survive the madness that is market there are a few things we simply must have:

1. A Large Bag It carries everything from the folders we receive from our designers to the little things we carry around that keep us going! My personal fave is Longchamp's 'Le Pliage Large' tote bag. It is large, lightweight {our bag gets progressively heavier as the day goes on}, and it folds so it easily fits in our luggage!

2. Starbucks 'Via Ready Brew' Pretty self explanatory. We are going constantly. Caffeine = Goodness.

3. Hand sanitizer Again, no explanation needed. It is that time of year for sickness and you are in cabs, subways and shaking peoples hands all day.

4. Lip Gloss My favorite is Chanel Glossimer #119 Wild Rose. It works for day, it works for night. It may just be the perfect color.

5. Dry Shampoo + a good comb Some people are lucky enough to do their hair in the morning and it stays the same ALL DAY. I am not that person. With the wind and my hands {which I cannot stop running through my hair} it is necessary that I carry around a good dry shampoo for a quick touch up, as there is not always time to run to the hotel. My pick: Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray. I have dark hair and there is ZERO powder residue. Seriously amazing. 

6. My iPhone Would die without this. I take pictures, videos, and use it constantly to Twitter {follow us @bHughesBridal}. My iPhone is my life line.

7. Colgate Wisp No need to be talking closely with unfortunate breath.

8. Advil For the foot pain and for those unexpected headaches are bound to arise.

9. A Matte Powder Again, running around all day can use your face looking not so fresh. My favorite  powder is bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation.

10. Good Pens

11. My Date Book Have to schedule those trunk shows!!

12. A Good Scarf/Pashmina We never know the weather, but a good cashmere wrap is going to keep us extra warm in we need it! I like this one from Nordstrom

These are just a few things we must have in our arsenal! We are so very excited to show with you all the new things we see!


  1. Karen,
    remember you umbrella ;-D

  2. Very insightful! {SavvyBrydeGuru}