Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why You Should Schedule an Appointment, and Other Tips

We often get calls asking if we require appointments. While we happily take walk ins, if we have no appointment scheduled, here are some reasons as to why we recommend them:

1. To ensure a fitting room and a consultant! Bridal gown shopping is not like shopping for everyday clothes, it is very important that you have someone helping you into the dresses as well as describing fits, colors, options to change, accessorizing, etc.

2. To ensure undivided attention for you and others. All brides are very important to us, and to give you the best service, we need to be prepared for your arrival! We want to single you out. We are a boutique therefore we provide an intimate service and space. We want you to feel as if you have been invited into our home. You want to be sure and secure this for yourself. Think of this for yourself and other brides.

*This is such an emotional and important time in the wedding process. We want to ensure you the most happiness and satisfaction and setting up an appointment is the best way to do so!*

*Also be aware, that unless otherwise requested, your allotted time for an appointment is 1 hour, especially if you schedule an appointment on Fridays or Saturdays.*

Tips when scheduling appointment:

1. Try and schedule in the morning, it is going to be quieter.

2. Don't bring a lot of people with you-this means too many opinions. Try to keep to 1 or 2 people, who know you very well.

3. If you are looking to spend a little more time in our store, schedule during the week. It is quieter and we are able to take longer appointments.

4. Wear correct undergarments. We recommend a strapless bra and underwear. If you are purchasing your wedding gown, be aware that you will be measured in your bra and underwear.

5. If you plan on wearing high heels, bring a pair. We do have a box for you to stand on, but if you would like to walk around and see the fit, heels will come in handy.

6. If you have been perusing magazines, please bring them! This helps us to see your vision of you on your wedding day.

7. Try on all kinds of silhouettes. You may be shocked at what you end up liking. You never know what a dress is going to look like until you try it on.

Answers to FAQ's:

1. All of our gowns are floor samples and most of them are sampled in size 10 (more like a size 6 in everyday clothes). We special order your gown.

2. Gowns take around 4 to 6 months to get, once ordered.

3. You should allow 2 to 3 months for alterations.

4. To place your order, you pay a 50% deposit, and the balance as soon as your gown arrives.

5. Some gowns can be purchased off the floor for a discount. It is completely dependent on the gown in question. 

6. If the samples are too large on you, we have wonderful clips that tighten the gowns to help you envision what your size will look like.

7. If the samples are too small, if you get get the gown on, we have a modesty cover if the gown cannot be zipped. If the gown is too small to be put on, we hold it up in front of you in the mirror to show you how it would look.

If there are any questions we did not answer, please feel free to comment, email us at or give us a call, 615.297.7800.

Happy shopping :)

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