Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tips Thursday! #1 --- Bride Posing Tips

1.    Use your Body to create Space for an Hourglass Body-shape Illusion 
-          Try lifting your arms slightly from upper body
-          Tilt your head but keep the chin low (can be tricky but just practice!)

2.    Don’t Forget your Man on the Big Day!  

 -          Create poses such as leaning your head on groom’s shoulder, kissing, standing side by side making eye contact, etc.
-          Kissy Kissy is always cute. Don’t be Shy! 

3.    Say Bye to “Awkward Hand”
-          Smart Brides use Props! Flowers, your Gown, even your very own Groom!

4.    Don’t forget to Have Fun!

 (Photo source: Pinterest)

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